Monday, April 3, 2017

Geography Unit Information

Today we began a study of the world’s continents and oceans. Your child will not only learn about the locations of the seven bodies of land, but also facts about them:  weather, major physical features, languages/customs, major cities, historical/famous places.

Your child will be asked to commit to memory the names, locations, and spellings of the seven continents and four oceans of the world. Students will be given a written test on Monday, April 24. The test will look exactly like the map on the back of this page...students will need to label continents and oceans with their correct names (yes, capitalization and spelling count!). We will practice frequently in class, but additional practice at home may be necessary.

In conjunction with our continents/oceans unit, students will soon be conducting research on countries of their choosing. This research project begins next Monday. I will suggest that students choose countries from where their ancestors came, countries they have traveled to or would like to visit, or countries in which they have friends/relatives living. Please look for more info in your child’s take-home folder on Friday.

After the research has taken place, students will be putting together informational posters to share with their classmates (and you, hopefully!). Each student will need a poster board, which they will purchase at the Breck Bookstore (each poster board costs $3.15). I will assist with the purchasing of the poster boards...please know your Breck account will be charged. If you do not wish for your child to purchase a poster board at the Breck Bookstore, please let me know and other arrangements can be made.

Students may need help at home with the typing/printing of their research facts and images at the end of our study. Please watch for more info to come.